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    滁州馳潔環境科技有限公司是一家專注于蟲害防制服務及研究于一體的綜合管理有害生物防治企業。公司位于滁州,自成立以來先后為餐飲、工廠、物業及醫療等場所,提供蟲害防治服務和創建良好的生活環境作出了巨大貢獻。公司以“品牌、服務、質量 “為先導,以科技創新為動力,全心致力于中國有害生物工程事業。


         公司擁有經過專業技能培訓的服務團隊,配備了現代化蟲控設備,具有大型場所的蟲害管理能力,在蟲害防制過程中,注重對環境的保護,采用國際領域通行的IPM ( Integrated Pest Management )蟲害綜合管理方案,為客戶提供了一站式優質服務,將徹底消除您身邊的蟲害干擾,將確保對每一位客戶的服務始終如一。


    1、擁有專業化蟲害服務團隊,以更快的速度為您量身訂做“一站式”蟲害綜合管理方案&mdash;&mdash; 省時

    2、您只需要一個預約電話,剩下的事就交給我們來辦&mdash;&mdash; 省力


    3、我們擁有自主研發的產品和各種藥品供應商的良好關系,批發商的價格&mdash;&mdash; 省錢

    4、我們所有員工都經過專業化的系統在職培訓,且持證上崗&mdash;&mdash; 專業



    chuzhou Chi clean environmental technology Limited is a professional pest control services and research of integrated management of pest control company. The company is located in chuzhou has since its establishment for restaurants, factories, property and medical establishments, providing pest control services and create a good living environment to make enormous contribution. Company to "brand, quality, service " as the guide, to technological innovation as the driving force, dedicated to Chinese harmful biological engineering enterprise.

    Companies adhering to the " highly efficient, environmentally friendly, pragmatic, unity, and innovative" spirit of enterprise, and always adhere to the " actual strength makes the brand, brand accumulation credibility" business philosophy, focus on technological innovation, management standardization working posture, become Chinese pest control industry well-known brands.

    The company has professional skills through training services team, equipped with modern pest control equipment, with large areas of pest management ability in the process, pest control, pay attention to the environmental protection field, using international current IPM (Integrated Pest Management ) pest integrated management programmes, for customers to provide quality one-stop service, will eliminate your pest interference, will ensure that for every customer service be consistent from beginning to end.

    Advantage of Chi Jie

    1, Has specialized pest services team, with the fastest speed for your tailor-made " one-stop " integrated pest management programs -- time

    2, You only need a phone number, the remaining things to do to us -- saving

    3, We have independent research and development of products and various pharmaceutical suppliers of the good relations, the price wholesalers -- save money

    4、We all employees have been professional system training, and certification -- professional

    Do a good job in all aspects of services on the basis of above, we also adhere to the " quality-price " principle, let guest feel " brand not expensive "; believe that we can for the partners to win more repeat customers, to reach a win-win situation.



    郵箱:[email protected]

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